10 Craziest Objects Found Inside Of Living People

From live ammunition to an entire cutlery set, you won't believe what doctors have fished out of ordinary men and women over the years...

There are some things that are good to have inside your body. Like your internal organs. Or cake. But certain other things… not so much.



Live ammo

If you're about to eat, we apologise in advance for telling you about the World War Two veteran who decided to deal with his severe haemorrhoids by pushing them back inside his bum… using a live shell from an anti-aircraft gun. The shell got stuck inside him, and doctors had to call in the bomb squad to oversee the anal excavation.


Felt-tip pen

An elderly lady complaining of bowel issues may not sound like a thrilling case for doctors to deal with. But medics had plenty to write home about when they discovered a felt-tip pen inside the stomach of a 70-something British woman. Turns out, the pen had been in there for over 25 years, after she'd accidentally swallowed it while inspecting her tonsils. The best bit? Doctors confirmed the pen still wrote well after being removed.



Over to Romania for a strange saga which unfolded when a woman arrived in a hospital saying she'd swallowed a foreign object. Namely, her boyfriend's dentures, which she'd somehow managed to suck them out of his face and swallow down during a "special type of passionate kiss". Now that's a medical mystery you can really sink your teeth into.



After you argue with a partner, the usual course of action is to sulk a bit, briefly fantasise about dumping them, and eventually resolve your differences during the "Anyway, what do you fancy for dinner?" convo. A lady in China took a slightly different approach when – following a bust-up with her boyfriend – she sat down and ate 20 cobblestones, presumably prised from a street. After suffering intense pain, she was surprised to learn she'd need surgery to remove them, rather than a quick trip to the loo.


An entire cutlery set

Inspecting an X-ray of a woman complaining of stomach pains, doctors in the Netherlands were baffled. It looked like she had some kind of squid living inside her. The truth was only slightly less bizarre: they found almost 80 spoons and forks clustered inside her (no knives though – because that would be foolish, right?). Fun fact: this is an example of a condition called "pica", where people develop sudden cravings for non-food items.


Many, many magnets

Whether it's Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, kids'll swallow anything. Quite literally in the case of the eight-year-old girl in the US who shocked doctors when they found she'd chowed down on well over 30 magnets. Because they looked like sweets, apparently. The fact that they tasted not so much like sweets and more like… magnets… clearly wasn't enough to put her off.


A whole bunch of things

It's fair to assume prison guards are a jaded lot who see a lot of crazy stuff over the course of their careers. But the officers at a Florida correctional facility were probably a bit befuddled when one new inmate was caught trying to smuggle in a few things within his rectum. And by that we mean: a packet of painkillers, a cigarette, matches, a flint, an empty syringe, an eraser covering the needle of the syringe, lip balm, a condom, a receipt and… a shopping coupon. Cha-ching.


A giant hairball

When you experience pains, nausea and sudden dramatic weight loss, and doctors do an X-ray and tell you they've found a "dark mass", well… you'd be forgiven for fearing the worst. But for a teenage girl in the US, the diagnosis wasn't cancer. The diagnosis was a flippin' massive hairball weighing over 10 pounds. Turns out, years of trichophagia – aka, eating hair – led to the creation of this beautiful, bouncing hair baby.


421 coins

Did you hear the one about the man who was his own piggy bank? Sadly this isn't a joke. A chap in India presented doctors with what must have been their case of the year when they recovered 421 coins from his digestive system. Oh, and a few keys. And 19 bolts of bicycle chain, because clearly once you pop, you just can't stop. Like with Pringles, only more… metally.


A can of deodorant

Impulse body spray for women has often been marketed as utterly irresistible to blokes. Well, it certainly worked on one US guy who somehow wound up with it lodged right up his backside. Presumably he… sat on it by accident, right? Oh, our mistake: apparently he 'fessed up to the docs that he'd done it before a few times. The medical report was brilliantly deadpan, ending with the words "The patient was discharged on the second postoperative day. He refused psychologic counseling.

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