10 things that are best done undressed

Let's face it, being naked feels great. There's not one experience that can't be improved by ditching your clothes - and inhibitions - and giving it a go au naturel.

That's why we've taken a (fig) leaf out of Adam and Eve's book and come up with a bucket list of 10 things to try in your birthday suit.

Needless to say, we recommend you try these in private to avoid anyone unintentionally seeing your privates!

10. Swimming

Ditching your cossie for a liberating skinny dip is extremely freeing. It's almost like being back in the womb. Spoiler alert: cold water can cause shrinkage!

9. Cooking

Become a real life naked chef but feel free to accessorise your nudeness with an apron to avoid singeing your sausage or burning your baps.

8. Exercising

Exposed exercising is freeing and great fun, but like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade you must 'choose wisely'. Something like yoga or Pilates is less likely to cause jiggle-related injuries than running (ouch!) or star jumps (very ouch!)

7. Eating

Spilling Bolognese down your favourite top will be a thing of the past once you ditch your clothes at meal times. Also, some argue that eating in the nude is a great dieting technique as it makes you more conscious of what you consume.

6. Sleeping

Wrapping your nakedness in a toasty duvet is the definition of 'snug as a bug in a rug'. Not only that, research suggests that naked sleeping helps regulate body temperature, which keeps insomnia at bay and helps prevent ageing.

5. Dancing

Justin Timberlake once sang about getting 'you naked by the end of this song' but we say why wait until the end?! Press play and let the rhythm get you with a bare booty boogie. 

4. Decorate

Ditch that tatty, paint splashed 'decorating outfit' relegated to the back of your wardrobe in favour of some DIY in the buff. Whether you're painting or wallpapering, you'll be surprised at how it frees up your creative juices.

3. Do your washing

Those of a certain age will never forget the sight of Nick Kamen stripping down to his undies to do his laundry in the 80s Levi’s ad. So get retro and perform a striptease in front of your washing machine.

2. Sunbathe

Make tan lines a thing of the past by letting it all hang out as you top up your Vitamin D. Just make sure you always use suncream as there are some bits you definitely don't want to burn. We said 'bits'.

1. Watch Undressed

People watch the footie wearing their team colours, so why not take inspiration from Undressed and watch it in your undies? Oh, and don't forget to also grab your other half too so you can play along at home!