How to choose your first date underwear

Everyone owns underwear. In fact, the average woman owns 21 pairs of knickers and 10% of women own 35 pairs or more, according to ShopSmart magazine. It's no wonder that fashion experts say the global underwear industry is worth $30 billion.

But - or should that be 'butt' - what does your choice of underwear say about you? Here's a 'briefs' guide to help you choose wisely before you head out on a first date. 


If your knicker drawer contains a variety of styles, here's a breakdown of what each pair secretly reveals about you:

  • briefs: comfort and stability
  • hipsters: someone who likes their creature comforts
  • g-strings: a playful nature
  • bikini briefs: an energetic person who loves the great outdoors
  • boxers: headstrong and dance to your own beat 
  • thongs: alpha female never afraid to speak her mind. 

(Source: and Elite Daily)

As for Grannie pants (a.k.a Bridget Jones briefs), you're likeable because you don't pander to trends and comfort comes first.


Perhaps it's the colour of the undies that reveals all? 72% of women in the UK opt for flesh-toned underwear, which denotes “a personality that is natural and easy-going” says psychologist Donna Dawson.

A further poll for laundry experts Dr Beckmann found that red undies indicate passion, energy and drive, pink means romantic and gentle, black suggests sultry and powerful, whereas white means innocent but open to suggestion.

In Italy, women celebrate New Years by wearing red underwear because it's considered lucky so if you're looking to get lucky, maybe that's the colour for you!


A study by Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes found that a quarter of those asked sometimes go out without knickers. Cheeky. Not only does this eliminate the dreaded VPL, research suggests it’s healthier to let your bits air. It's also a great solution if you've forgotten to do the washing.

What about blokes?

The boy king Tutankhamen is said to have been buried with 145 pairs of pants. The average man has far less. Let's face it, for most men it comes down to a choice between boxers or briefs - just make sure they're not faded, ripped or baggy.

The bottom line

Still not sure? Well, the good news is it doesn't matter what style you choose as being sexy is whatever you think it is. Research by Christiana Tsaousi, a lecturer in marketing and consumption at the University of Leicester's School of Management, found that "sexy could be anything that feels nice on you. 

So there you have it – the truth about undies laid bare. Don't worry about what fashion is flavour of the month, simply wear what makes you feel most comfy and you'll feel sexy. We hope you find this article useful. In fact, we hope you think it’s pants!