Body Bizarre

Series 2


Episode 1: Face-Eating Tumour

 In Brazil, a man has an upside-down head; triplets undergo a second round of life-saving surgeries and an Argentinian has giant-sized limbs.


Episode 2:  Born With Two Heads

A Puerto Rican boy’s face is melting away. In Afghanistan, doctors operate on a baby born with a parasitic tumour. A Brazilian girl’s feet won’t stop growing. In Sweden, a village can’t feel pain, and the man who lost his face to cancer finds a new look.


Episode 3: Joined At The Waist

A girl has a terminal neck tumour, and one woman has a black and white body and the other has the world's largest hands.


Episode 4: Frozen By Fear

A British man is literally scared stiff. A Thai man would be the tallest man in the word if he could stand. A child born with an unknown condition baffles the medical community.  A toddler covered in hair, and the man with an elephant leg.


Episode 5 :Born With Three Legs

A woman embraces a condition that causes her to grow facial hair and a Nepalese man born with three legs gets a life-changing operation.


Episode 6: My New Face

A teen with a transgender girlfriend begins his sex-change transition and a Chinese woman lives with backwards hands and feet.


 Episode 7: 50 Orgasms a Day

 An American woman has over 50 orgasms a day. Plus, a young, soccer prodigy from Brazil who was born without feet tackles a new sport.


Episode 8: My Chin Keeps Growing

 In Nepal, four sisters have a condition that restricts movement, a man’s chin won’t stop growing and Chinese girl born with hair all over her body seeks treatment. 


Episode 9: Bubble Man Meets The Pope

The Pope blesses a badly disfigured man, a girl is born without arms and legs and a family has the world's longest hair.


Episode 10: World's Tallest Couple

In Nepal, a 16in elder campaigns for the record of smallest man. A 200lb stomach tumour rolls out of a man. The world’s tallest couple worries about their children’s height. A black and white Brazilian family is bullied and the elephant man gets married.