A mother's love

Breaking Amish

This is the ultimate fish out of water story: a group of five young Amish/Mennonite men and women will swap the black and white scriptures of their communities for the neon of New York City. 

They'll be experiencing so many things for the first time. From major things like flying in a plane to the mundane like wearing jeans and using electricity, the show tracks their transition into city culture.

Their  decision to pack up their bags and leave town does not come without a hefty price. Family members are forced to shun their own children, siblings and grandchildren, as they have decided to break the authoritarian codes of their religion to explore a world beyond the limitations of their simple upbringing.

Should these 'rebellious' Amish/Mennonite members decide to forgo Western luxuries and return to their previous lifestyles? Even if the go back they risk being shunned by their community, family and friends forever...