Series 1


Episode 1

It’s time for try outs to choose a fresh season and the little gymnasts are all super-hyped – and so are their parents. The biggest question is: who will be good enough to make it onto the Youth Silver team?


Episode 2

One spot has opened up on the youth silver team. All the mums want to their kid to be the one chosen for the team. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is preparing for their first performance.


Episode 3

Ann and Michelle used to be good friends, but now they can't stand each other. Tension builds as the team to get ready for their next performance – will it explode?


Episode 4

Alisha forgets about a fundraiser, so the team has to put on a show at the last minute.  Shannon injures her knee and everyone has to help, but tension amongst the parents threatens to boil over.


Episode 5

Everything starts to go a little crazy as the Youth Silver team gets ready to travel to Chicago for their first competition of the season.


Episode 6

The team is going to compete at the Six Flags amusement park.  Alisha changes their dance but the new moves prove to be challenging. Bonnie and Shannon plan a surprise party.  Sparks fly when an uninvited guest crashes it. 


Episode 7

Alisha is almost ready to choose the best five cheerleaders to go into the next competition. But the situation between the parents is steady getting worse and Alisha proposes a radical change for the gym.


Episode 8

Andrea becomes president, which means she’s going to be overseeing the team mothers. With their biggest competition coming up very soon, Alisha gets her girls ready for a full dress rehearsal.


Episode 9

This is the one everyone has been waiting for - the competition they have been gearing up for! Unfortunately it may be war on the dance floor but the mums have decided to have their own fight backstage.