An exploding heart ...

Jodie Marsh On ... Steroids

She has conquered as a natural bodybuilder, getting her body to peak physique through sheer hard work and determination, and NOT with anabolic steroids. Believing that the prevalence of steroids and their performance-enhancing effects on the body and mind are why the sport isn't taken seriously, Jodie Marsh wants to lift the lid on the extraordinary undercover world of steroid use, finding out why people take them and whether you can achieve the strength and appearance of a body on steroids, naturally, and exploring the physical, psychological and emotional effects of steroid use.

Along the way Jodie will meet people whose lives have been changed by steroids, some for the better and some for the worst, including Spyk whose heart exploded from his addiction to steroids, Brandi Mae, a bodybuilding champion who believe's you have to take steroids to get to the top, and funds her use by appearing in adult movies, and Coco who quit using at the height of her career when she hit rock bottom.