Series 1


Episode 1

For 15 years, 50-year-old housewife Debbie has been left horribly disfigured by a breast augmentation that went nightmarishly wrong. Can cosmetic expert Mr Vik Vijh find a solution to finally end her suffering? The Salon’s expert hair-stylist Skyler McDonald is set a challenge to repair 23-year-old Danielle’s burnt and balding scalp after a home-dyeing disaster. And leading dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting has a case that raises some eyebrows as Laura enters the salon with an embarrassing problem of badly drawn permanent make-up. Plus, in a guide to the do’s and don’ts of beauty treatments, tanning is put under the microscope to discover what price our skin is paying for our bronzed obsession with beaches, booths and bottles.


Episode 2

30-year-old mother Gemma wanted surgery to get back her confidence and pre-baby figure; but a nightmarish operation left her emotionally traumatized and her stomach terribly scarred. Resident plastic surgeon and the medical world’s ‘Mr. Fix It’, Mr Vik Vijh, takes a look at her tummy tuck to try and repair the damage. Meanwhile, hair-stylist Skyler McDonald has to resort to workman’s tools to sort out Emma’s mangled mane of matted hair extensions. And, 52-year-old Carole has been left with a droopy eye and frozen forehead from badly performed Botox— can the experts put a smile back on her face? Plus, we catch up with the Salon’s most challenging case to date, 50-year-old Debbie and her disfigured breasts.


Episode 3

After a poorly performed breast surgery, 28-year-old Claire almost lost all her breast tissue due to a terrible infection. Now she's seeking help in the Salon, hoping that Vik  can correct the mistakes made by others. Also in the Salon are 44-year-old Jo who has a face full of fillers that are causing her permanent discomfort. And 31-year-old Roger, quite literally, has something he wants to get off his chest: a tattoo of a dog on his body that is the biggest mistake of his life. Can skin expert Dr Sam Bunting help remove the ink? Finally,  Sklyer tackles a student’s hair wrecked from too much home dying.


Episode 4

It really is the last chance for 25-year-old Charlotte as she seeks help for her badly botched breasts resulting from two previous procedures. She's hoping for third time lucky as Vik attempts to correct what has been so badly damaged before. Meanwhile, skin expert Dr Sam gives advice on how to remove hair from delicate places. And think you’ve ever had a bad hair day? Model Maria visits the salon with the haircut from hell—can stylist Skyler give her a new do and the confidence go outside again?  


Episode 5

22-year-old Hannah once weighed over 22 stone - and in a bid to lose weight elected for radical slimming surgery. The stomach stapling worked, but she has since been left with sagging folds of excess skin all over her body. Can  Vik transform her? Meanwhile,  Skyler works with Alice, who is dangerously allergic to PPD - a common ingredient in hair dyes. Finally, model Jo had liposuction that left her with unsightly scars. Can the experts in the  Salon reduce the scarring and get her career back on track?