Would Myrtle Manor's Becky let YOU in?

Myrtle Manor

Get a slice of Southern beach life in Myrtle Manor, a brand new 10-part series that follows the crazy antics of the colourful residents of Myrtle Manor, a trailer park in Myrtle Beach. From relationship dramas, to evictions and backyard brawls, there's never a dull moment inside the Manor. Landlady of the Manor is Becky who has taken over from her father and dreams of turning the trailer park into a five-star resort. Most days Becky can be found sat in her trusty golf buggy with a speakerphone in hand, keeping tabs on her residents. And they are quite a 'dysfunctional family', as she refers to them. There's Taylor, a club promoter who lives with his girlfriend Jessica - they share a love for cheetah tattoos and fast cars. Their neighbours are the 'Weiner Girls' - Lindsay and Chelsey - who sell hot dogs to pay their rent, when they're not out partying. The girls have caught the eye of Myrtle Manor's new resident and heart-throb, Jared. And down the road is Tangulls, Myrtle Manor's very own salon (and hub of gossip), run by resident hairdressers Miss Gina and Roy, a former drag queen who believe it's his Christian duty to bring good hair to the trailer park.