Series 1


Episode 1

I Hate My Body

Young lovers Catriona and Kyle should be near their peak of sexual performance, but confidence issues are causing problems.  Meanwhile, Louise’s addiction to pornography has left Stuart sleeping solo, as Chris and Katie grapple with infidelity and mistrust.  Later, Alessandra Rampolla and Dr. Jack Lewis examine whether men and women process erotica differently, exploring current attitudes towards adult entertainment.


Episode 2

I Can’t Orgasm

Amanda and Frank face frustration overload because, despite his best efforts, she can’t climax. Meanwhile, Kerrie and Neil attempt to overcome infidelity issues and bring back trust into their relationship.  Later, Paul and Julie try to spice up their bedroom by experimenting with toys.  By studying both mental and physical blocks, the experts examine the connection between impulse and infidelity, and investigate if blood holds the secrets to sexual appetites.


Episode 3

Loss of Libido

Following post-pregnancy intimacy issues, Barry and Elvisa face a loss of libido.  Meanwhile, Sam and Wayne experience a similar problem from selfish lovemaking, which has left both unsatisfied.  Also featured are Lola and Jodie whose secret desires are causing a complete communication breakdown. Finally, Alessandra Rampolla and Dr. Jack Lewis break down the barriers of bondage in a live demonstration of domination to test the limits of kinky.


Episode 4

Sex After Childbirth

New mum and former model Yolanda is having a body crisis that’s ruining her relationship with Tommy. Confidence issues also plague life and business partners’ Amani and Daurell, who need help to focus less on the boardroom and more on the bedroom.  Finally, Alessandra Rampolla and Dr. Jack Lewis explore erogenous zones with a private peek to determine whether we are as familiar with our own bodies as we think we are.

Episode 5

Make Love, not War

Dale and Rowan are too busy fighting to have sex, while Sally and Terry are trying to reach a different peace between the sheets and compromise their wildly different sexual tastes.  Later, the experts investigate how familiar men really are with the female form, challenging them to identify all the right parts of that most intimate of areas.