Meet Dr. Jack Lewis

Dr. Jack Lewis is a neuroscience specialist with a focus on how the human brain integrates information from the eyes and ears.  His research goes beyond mere science into other related fields such as psychology, psychiatry, medicine, technology, and gaming literatures, which he groups under the genre of ‘science communication’ for increased brain power optimization.

On television, Dr. Jack has been featured on MTV International’s “Plain Jane;” ITV’s “This Morning;” Channel 4’s “The Secret Life of Buildings” and “God’s and Monsters;” and Sky One’s “Body Language Secrets” and “Naked Britain.”  He has also presented series for BBC2.

Additionally, Dr. Jack serves as a neuroscience consultant, helping to design the games for Tiger Aspect’s “Britain’s Best Brain”, and developing a science-based 3D feature film for Blink Films.  Previously, he was the science consultant (and featured actor) for a feature-length, Emmy Award winning documentary for Channel 4 and National Geographic.

Dr. Jack’s most recent research was in multisensory neurobiology, conducted at the Max Planck Institute in Germany and was published in the Journal of Neuroscience in September 2010. He has also contributed to the Health and Science pages of The Daily Mail on Sunday and London Lite.

He earned his PhD in neuroscience at the University of London in 2005, using fMRI brain scanning to investigate multisensory perception – specifically investigating where in the human brain what we see is integrated with what we hear.