Series 5

Episode 1

Precious Moments Pageant 2011

Sass-talking Alana, 6, and her extreme couponing mum may be the underdogs of the pageant world, but Alana doesn't seem to know it. Laci, 8, erupts into screams when she doesn't get her chocolate. Gum-smacking Heaven, 6, relies on her reluctant daddy to help her with her routine. At the pageant in Georgia, the mums plan to pull out all the stops to get the judges' attention.


Episode 2

Lollipops and Gumdrops Pageant

Infamous six-year-old pageant personality MaKenzie is back. With the help of a new flipper and her kitten, Prince, she's poised to reclaim her place at the top after last season's loss. Squabbling sisters Brooke, 10, and Kaylie, 8, must compete against each other for the top prize. Hailey, 9, learns all of her pageant moves from her uncle, a professional drag queen. All four face-off in Nacogdoches, Texas, but only one can win the grand prize: a custom playhouse.


Episode 3

Universal Royalty Hollywood

With $10,000 at stake at the Old Hollywood-themed pageant, tempers run high, and conspiracy theories abound. Competitive pageant mum Marina is convinced the pageant director is conspiring against her 5-year-old Mia. Bespectacled Isys, 6, and her irate mum storm out of the pageant, certain that the pageant is rigged. After investing $1200 on a pageant dress, superstar wannabe Saliz, 7, is determined to win Ultimate rand Supreme.


Episode 4

Glitzy Divas

At the Glitzy Divas pageant in Hot Springs, Arkansas, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Madi, 10, is one of the biggest winners in glitz pageant history and she's determined to take home another crown to add to her collection. Meanwhile, Ever Rose, 8, perfects her routines and outfits, and Adriana,5, prepares for her first high glitz pageant. The three girls battle it out for the Ultimate Grand Supreme.


Episode 5

Beautiful Me Disco Pageant

Beautiful Me is stayin' alive in Springfield, Missouri where every contestant wants to win a psychedelic flashing trophy and $1,000 bond. Destiny, 3 is a spunky cutie whose mum has pushed her credit cards to the limit to pay for her daughter's hobby. Three year-old Camari needs to bring her best at this pageant in order to beat Sami Jo, 2. But the real competition isn't between these two, it's their mums, Jennifer and Tricia. It's too bad that neither of them can control how their kids perform or what the judges will decide.


Episode 6

Darling Divas: New York

The divas take Manhattan for a New York-themed pageant. Three-year old pageant girl Paisley, is back with new costume choices and a talent agent. Isabella's mum is determined for her five-year-old to beat Paisley for the big title. Eight-year-old Shian may be fairly new to pageants, but her mum will use any method to help her win, including meditation and cross-training work-outs. But will all their training pay off when Shian takes the stage?