Dressing Room In Crisis!

Ultimate Shopper

Welcome to the ultimate fashion contest that takes competitive shopping to the limit as four fashionistas go head-to-head to win their dream wardrobe.

This is every shopaholics’ dream: to have free run of the best fashion store in the country, pick out the most incredible outfit worth thousands of pounds and then wear the clothes home! But there’s a catch…

In each programme four super-consumers, who believe they have the most cutting-edge style, will be let loose against the clock in our specially built studio fashion store. But then they’ll come under the exacting gaze of our fashion experts: singer Holly Valance, fashion expert Brix Smith-Start and photographer Paul Hartnett.

They’ll be judging the shoppers on their outfits, whether they’ve met the exacting brief they’ve been set - dressing to meet the Queen or walking the red carpet at a film premiere – and if the clothes suit each contestants body shape and personality.

Only one will be crowned the ultimate shopper and take home their entire collection - a covetable wardrobe for life. The losing shoppers must leave the store empty-handed. The world of fashion is indeed a cruel place