Pampered Teens Party Hard!

Undercover Mums

90% of today’s teenagers have never done a household shop, and three quarters of them have never washed their own clothes. Dawn O’Porter is on a mission to find out whether these 21st century teens really are incapable of looking after themselves, and whether pushover parents are to blame.

In this new series, Dawn helps mums and dads leave their lazy, troublesome teens home alone in a last ditch attempt to drag them kicking and screaming into adulthood. The teens think they’re being filmed for a documentary on family life with a rig of high tech cameras, and that mum and dad have gone away on holiday.

But in actual fact their parents will be secretly watching their every move.

Will being home alone teach these teens to stand on their own two feet, and will watching their tear-away teens teach mum and dad that ultimately they’re at fault?