Would you trust this man with your wardrobe?

Your Style In His Hands Season 2 Wednesdays 8pm

Lisa Snowdon is back on TLC with a brand new series of Your Style in His Handsand this time we've reworked the format to add more drama, more jeopardy and more clueless chaps thinking they can shop!

First Up is 26 year old Holly who has ost over eight stone but still can't get used to her new body shape and insists on hiding from the world in her comfy cardigans. Buff boyfriend Lloyd is fed up with seeing her in baggy, frumpy, unflattering clothes and wants to inject some style. He has £5000 to spend and two weeks to put together an entire new wardrobe for Holly.

With Lisa's help, will he be able to get something a bit more fab than drab Later in the series, Jo, a fully fledged rock chick who at 46 years old, loves to flaunt her assets, hands her wardrobe over to trucker husband, Paul. He's determined to ditch the denim hotpants and add some class to his wife's wardrobe, but will he succeed?