TLC has a new home on Sky!

Sky customers - we've moved channels! What you need to know about the SKY EPG change

Sky customers will find that lots of channels now have new channel numbers, including most of your favourite channels from Discovery.

Although this may seem quite confusing at first, we’re here to help, so either remember this helpful ditty or download our helpful guides. For England, Wales and Scotland channel numbers click here and for Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland channel numbers click here.

From first of May please don’t forget
The channels you love best
Are moving to new homes on Sky
But no need to get stressed

It’s all quite simple, change is good
We’re sure you will agree
We can’t wait to see you soon
With lots of great TV

Sky customers can now find TLC at Channel 140

There will be no changes to other TV providers, you will still be able to find us on:

Virgin 167 and BT 323